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Desriotion of my visits to different places near to Kolkata as a week end trip


After reaching Panchalingeswar for the fourth time, I felt the place equally refreshing like before. This time the team was a little bigger, almost ten persons. If you go for a trip with such a big team and the members are of equal mindset, the actual place become less important. Though this time I visit Panchalingeswar after long eleven years, still I was in a little doubt that how much I would enjoy my once very favorite place. But in reality Panchalingeswar proved me wrong.
Like all previous time we took Dhauli Express in morning and reach Balasore by 9:30 in the morning. Earlier we used to have bus / auto rikswa to reach Panchalingeswar Pantahsala from Balasore. This time, the team being considerably bigger, we booked a Bolero and straight reach to the guest house. I found this OTDC Panthasala has been renovated a lot and a new section has been added. But rooms in the old building are externally same as it was. The memory of our past tours started haunted me. Continue reading


Tajpur Beach
Almost two years back one my friends told me about Tajpur. He visited Tajpur just for few hours but felt that it would be a nice place for one-two days week end trip. Based on his suggestion and few internet sites we choose Tajpur as our next weekend trip. Most of the time we have planned for coastal area of West Bengal, it was always either Digha or Shankarpur. So this time we choose different root, Tajpur.
Tajpur is a sea site in West Bengal between two another most common sea sites Mandarmani and Shankarpur. It is around 180 KM from Kolkata by road. Continue reading

Baro ghutu

MukutmanipurAfter three years, this time, I had a chance to stay in Kolkata during durga puja. For other reasons also initially I planned to spend the holiday in Kolkata itself. Decided to enjoy the days with friends and take complete rest. But as the time was approaching, was not feeling that enthusiastic to enjoy puja in Kolkata. At the final hour decided to spend the puja days some where outside Kolkata, to get complete rid of ‘puja hungama’. Continue reading


Digha or Shankarpur or Mandarmani are the places people usually choose for a weekend trip from Kolkata. I also have visited these places number of times. But this time I found a nice place, Sabuj ban. Literal mening is Green Jungle, and it is infact. One of my friends said, ‘Jungles are always green, what’s new in that?’ But we decided to spend our next weekend their instead of agreeing jungle are always green and are always better than jungle of concrete.
The place is not far. Very near to Shantinikatan, Bolpur. Around 200 K.M. from Kolkata. So we decided to go by road. Usually booking is the most difficult part of weekend tours. But in this case it is very simple. Continue reading


Shankarpur is a nice sea site and very near to Kolkata. It ia only a three and half ours drive from Kolkata. Also a number of buses are plying form Esplanade. The place is not as crowded as Digha and not lonely as Mandarmani. You will enjoy the tranquility of the beach. Though the beach is not very clean, still you can enjoy the beauty. Also you will find a lot of red crabs around your feet is you take a walk along the shore.
How to reach: You have a lot of options to reach Shankarpur from Kolkata. Continue reading