Digha or Shankarpur or Mandarmani are the places people usually choose for a weekend trip from Kolkata. I also have visited these places number of times. But this time I found a nice place, Sabuj ban. Literal mening is Green Jungle, and it is infact. One of my friends said, ‘Jungles are always green, what’s new in that?’ But we decided to spend our next weekend their instead of agreeing jungle are always green and are always better than jungle of concrete.
The place is not far. Very near to Shantinikatan, Bolpur. Around 200 K.M. from Kolkata. So we decided to go by road. Usually booking is the most difficult part of weekend tours. But in this case it is very simple. You confirm the availability of the room over phone and then transfer the advance amount to a particular bank account. You are done. At most what you can do is re-confirm your booking the day before you reach the place. You don’t need any booking receipt. All you need to have is a receipt showing the transaction from your account to the other account.

When we reached the place, it was around 12:00 noon and the weather was quite hot. But the cottages were made of clay and thatch roof and very cool. Rooms were big and clean. Though we hardly spent time inside the room. It was really green all-around. The entire area is around 120 bigha and most of the area is covered either by different big / small trees and water bodies.

Small covered setting arrangements are made so that you can feel the ambience with your friends. The place is not for doing site seeing or follow a schedule activities that most of the tourist places offers. This place not for the people who mesure their tours by number of activities they do, or number of places they visit. It is just to enjoy your leisure time being close to nature. Only thing you can / should do is to enjoy the nature. The Ajoy river is very nearby. In the evening we stroll along the bed of the river and enjoyed a nice sunset. As full moon was very close, may be just after two days, the river bed was looking excellent in the moonlight. We spend around two hours before coming back to our cottage.

We spend one night and started for Kolkata after having lunch in the next day. Two things we liked most about the place. One is of course the ‘green’ and complete absence of concrete. And the second is the humbleness of the people. We were really surprised to see every body over there was so humble and caring about the guests. We are sure that sooner or later we are going visit the place again.

A very nice place to enjoy your leisure time.
How to reach

  • By road around 200 K.M. from Kolkata
  • Also well connected by rail from Kolkata. Nearest railway station Bolpur

Where to stay

  • Currently there are 7 cottages
  • Double bed rooms are 500 per day and triple bed rooms are 700 per day

Booking information

  • Call Mr. Abdus Salim cell : 093337 46244 / 099325 89244
  • Office phone number 03463 645035
  • email:
  • Address: Sabuj Ban, Rasulpur, P.O.-Panchsowa, Via – Bolpur (Santiniketan), WB

  • Take NH2 and travel till Darjeeling more. Around 155 Km from Kolkata
  • Take a right turn from Darjeeling more and reach Illambazar More, around 24 Km
  • From Illmabazar take a right turn towards bolpur
  • After traveling around 8.5 Km the road has diverted into V shape, take the right one
  • After around 5.5 Km a residential complex of IOL will appear at the left side, and you follow the road on the right side
  • After another 3.5 Km you will see a toll, you need to follow the road on the left side, before the toll, towards Rasulpur more
  • You need to pay another toll tax at Rasulpur more, around 5.5 Km
  • From here you take right turn and another 4 Km drive will take you to the Sabujban

Overall condition of the road is pretty good. But once you take the right turn from the IOL Complex, you need to drive a bit carefully. But it should not be a major issue. From Kolkata to Sabujban total driving hour is around 4 hours.

19 thoughts on “Sabujban”

  1. Okhankar phone number are contact person er naam ta site e dibi na ? Ar okhankar food somporkr kichu lekh. tahole baparta aro informative hobe.

  2. aamra ei december end e jabo plan korechi, aaj i bank er account e taka ta transfer korlam. Bhraman dekhe okhankar katha jenechilam, ekhon net e search korte korte ei lekhatao pae gelam. bhalo habe mone hochche..jadio sange choto dujon member aache, tara aabar bore na hoi sandhye belai..

  3. poor condition of a.c(air condition).we pay for two a.c rooms but we get one a.c & one non a.c room.poor quality food served by them.dinning hall is too far from the room.poor room service.a resort cannot run by these`s an incomplete venture.

  4. @Anirban
    lot of people are complaining about almost the same situations. then there must be some thing wrong. but when we visited the place, we found it pretty well shaped.
    regarding the far away dining hall, we liked that very much actually :)

  5. The place is not a great one at all. The greenery created does not at all look natural and it’s just like a nursery where various kinds of ‘Palm’ trees are grown up. Accumulation of same kinds of trees in one place only creats caos. Not a single streach of land looks natural. Room service is poor. The staffs are very gentle and helpful. No intercom – every time you require something you have to call Firoz from your mobile. Foods are so so. Bed linen are dirty and request for changing the same are unheard. insufficient light inside the cottages (cottage no.11). You will find small snakes are strolling past the roads (I have seen – June-4-5/2010).

  6. Spot is very beautiful but the room condition is not so good and the generator is not working in maximum time. Overall that place serves you a genuine green rural life & artistic scenario.

  7. It is a very beautiful place close to nature.The hospitality of
    the staffs is remarkable.Food quality matches with the rural environment.Mechanical room service like a normal hotel,installation of TV MAY BE AVOIDED.Intercom facility should be provided.It’s true that the distance of the dinning place from the cottages is not suitable,particularly for the aged persons,efforts have been taken to overcome this…Beds are not so clean as per our expectation.People are really humble.But It is overall a memorable
    package.However one may spend one night at Sabuj Ban & another at Shantiniketan.

  8. ami khubi mugdha ekhankar paribessta sabuje paribeshe sisuderke niea ashe khubi bhalolegeche.

  9. I have just returned from Sabuj Bon. The place is good but the food, the service and infrastructure are atrocious. The rooms are like hells, with no light, no proper wall, slanting beds,torn mosquito nets and to top them all various kinds of biting insects made the total experience horrific. Not to forget about the dog and monkey menace.
    Very stunningly all your complaints will be heard patiently but not a single remedy will be offered.
    Ac rooms are equally shabby. On a whole, the prices they charge will never match their service. Not a place worth going.

  10. @santanu
    Thanks for sharing the details. Recently few of my friends visited that place and they also had similar experience. I think they are not maintaining the place seriously any more.

  11. Sabujban nie aamar reaction gulo kharap..aamra jehetu 4-bedded room e chilam, ghar e ek phonta jaiga e dhuke bichanai basa chara aar kono jaiga aamra giechilam December end e..eto thanda je sandhye belai ghar theke baire jaowa o jachche na aabar ghar e basar o upai nei..tabe er charidiker paribesh atyonto bhalo..jatokkhon diner aalo aache..jaigata upobhog karar i moto..Ajay nadir par e gie nadi perie odhare jete parle aaro bhalo lagbe ba kacher Itanda gram e gie pora matir mandir dekhatao besh enjoyable..eto gach oi sabujban e je mone habe okhanei theke jete chirodin..kintu oi je bollam ei feelings ta aasbe jatokkhon diner alo ache tatokkhon..

  12. ami okhane gechi,2 yr age,rasta ato kharap chilo j mone hochilo j kina baje jaiga hobe!! kintu gie mon khusi hoe gelo,,sob i ato gulo dekhle mon jurie jai..rooms are like heaven..beter khat,beter table chair,bathroom amazing… a goood place

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