Shankarpur is a nice sea site and very near to Kolkata. It ia only a three and half ours drive from Kolkata. Also a number of buses are plying form Esplanade. The place is not as crowded as Digha and not lonely as Mandarmani. You will enjoy the tranquility of the beach. Though the beach is not very clean, still you can enjoy the beauty. Also you will find a lot of red crabs around your feet is you take a walk along the shore.
How to reach: You have a lot of options to reach Shankarpur from Kolkata. From Esplanade, many different buses are plying in this route. Almost all the buses are plying to Digha. For Mandarmani you need to get off at Chaulkhola. From there you can reach Shankarpur by hired car, should take 15-20 minutes. And the bus journey from Kolkata is around 4:30 to 5:00 hours including break for snacks. It will be better if you ask your hotel to arrange a car send it to the bus stop. You can also reach Shankarpur by road easily. Condition of the road is pretty good. Specially the Bombay Road. Digha road is little crowded, but should not be an issue. Details can be found in the Map page. You can also avail the train service to reach Digha and from there you can travel to Shankarpur (only 14 Km) by a hired car. Schedule departure of train service is at 8:00 A.M. from Shalimar and reaches Digha around 11:30 A.M.

Where to stay: There are plenty of hotels available at Shankarpur. But the best two are the Nest and Sandy Bay. Nest is the best as far as facility and foods are concerned. But it is little far from the beach. You need to use the hotel’s free car drop service to reach beach. If you are more interested in views and ready to sacrifice a little on facilities, then Hotel Sandy Bay is the right choice for you. People generally visits this places during weekends. So it is better to book a hotel in advance. There is also a tourist lodge from the fisheries department.

  • Hotel Nest -> +91 9434005504
  • Hotel Sandy Bay -> +91 3220264693

Driving Shankarpur from Kolkata is pretty simple and easy. First

  • Take Bombay road (a 4 lane high way) through Second Hoogly Bridge or Nibedita Setu
  • Drive straight to Haldia more. It is around 72 KM from toll tax on Nibedita Setu. You will cross the Rupnarayan river and then you will see the Kolaghat Thermal Power Station to your left. The Haldia more is just after the thermal power station.
  • Take a left turn from Haldia more
  • Drive straight to Nanda Kumar More. From the previous turn it is around 30 KM. This road is also a four lane road, only two lanes are operative. Nanda Kumar More is a junction of four roads and easily distinguishable by it’s wide circular island.
  • Take a right turn from Nanda Kumar More and now you are on the Digha Road. This road is quite narrow comparing to the previous roads you have just traveled. Keep in mind that buses drive at a high speed in this road, so need to be careful a bit.
  • After driving around 52 KM you will be at Kanthi (Contai) bypass. Take this bypass, the main road through Kanthi is more congested.
  • After driving around 25 KM you will reach the Shankarpur more on your left.
  • Take a left turn and Hotel Nest is 4 KM, Hotel Sandy Bay is around 500 M more

Total distance from Kolkata to Shankarpur is around 200 KM and driving time should be around 4 hrs. Except few kilometers the road condition is pretty good. The bridge on the Rupnarayan river is quite narrow and traffic is allowed to pass from one side at a time. So you may need to wait for a while before crossing this bridge.

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