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After reaching Panchalingeswar for the fourth time, I felt the place equally refreshing like before. This time the team was a little bigger, almost ten persons. If you go for a trip with such a big team and the members are of equal mindset, the actual place become less important. Though this time I visit Panchalingeswar after long eleven years, still I was in a little doubt that how much I would enjoy my once very favorite place. But in reality Panchalingeswar proved me wrong.
Like all previous time we took Dhauli Express in morning and reach Balasore by 9:30 in the morning. Earlier we used to have bus / auto rikswa to reach Panchalingeswar Pantahsala from Balasore. This time, the team being considerably bigger, we booked a Bolero and straight reach to the guest house. I found this OTDC Panthasala has been renovated a lot and a new section has been added. But rooms in the old building are externally same as it was. The memory of our past tours started haunted me. Continue reading