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Darjeeling by Toy Train

For last one year or may be more than that I have been planning to experience the most romantic journey to Darjeeling; journey by Toy Train to Darjeeling. But to take a ride in Toy Train you need to spend a whole day to reach Darjeeling from NJP. I usually visit different places in that region once in a year. But most of the times I go to some other place in that region and spend a day or two in Darjeeling. Like my last visit in that region for Lepchajagat. So my normal itinerary is spending two / three days in that region and spend the last day at Darjeeling. It is always a nice feeling to spend a day with the queen of the hills. But this plan will not work for Toy Train ride. The first destination of the tour should be Darjeeling Continue reading

Pindari Glacier Trekking

Pindari Glacier
Pindari Glacier

An easy trek in the Kumaun Himalayan range. It takes around eight days from Upperlohar Khet and back. The entire route is full of breathtaking landscapes. Varity of the route will give you a feeling of complete trek. First two days you will have gradual ups and downs through different habitations. In the third day you will find the Pindar River all along the day. Fourth day is a short but steeper route. And finally on the fifth day morning you should be at the Zero Point. Continue reading