Tajpur Beach
Almost two years back one my friends told me about Tajpur. He visited Tajpur just for few hours but felt that it would be a nice place for one-two days week end trip. Based on his suggestion and few internet sites we choose Tajpur as our next weekend trip. Most of the time we have planned for coastal area of West Bengal, it was always either Digha or Shankarpur. So this time we choose different root, Tajpur.
Tajpur is a sea site in West Bengal between two another most common sea sites Mandarmani and Shankarpur. It is around 180 KM from Kolkata by road. Well, it is possible to reach there by train also but that would be a long journey. You have to goto Digha first and then come back to Tajpur by road, around 15 KM. To reach Tajpur you have to have your private vehicle as you need to take a detour from the main Digha-Kathi road after 4 KM from Chaulkhola more. From their you need to drive around 4 KM to reach the place but road condition is not very comfortable. In fact the road starts with a bituminous top and then becomes a mud road. But as the distance is short, this will not cause any serious issue.
As of now there are four five mid size hotels available for lodging. Few are coming up. All of the hotels are with basic facilities. The one we stayed was Tajpur Retreat. People were very very helpful and humble. Though the sea beach is not visible from any of the hotels in Tajpur, but it takes only 3-4 minutes walk to reach the beach. There are main two things we enjoyed in Tajpur. One is the dense forest of casuarina trees along the beach and the other is the beach itself. Some time you will have a feeling of owning the beach. And the red crabs on the beach surface. They are plenty. It looks like some one has rolled out a moving red carpet on the beach. But capturing them in camera is very tedious. After trying almost half an hour I managed one of them.
Overall we enjoyed a lot. Specially the beach. And people interested in adventure sports like Parasailing, Zorb, Sports climbing etc can have an add-on dimension in the tour. Tajpur Retreat is the only hotel in West Bengal who arranges all these activities.

A nice place for a weekend trip from Kolkata. Well connected by road and any bus plying Kolkata to Digha can take you to the place. You need to arrange your own vehicle for last 5 km.

  • 180 KM fro Kolkata by road
  • Reachable within four hours from Kolkata
  • Road condition is pretty good except last 5 Km
  • Electricity not available, hotels have their own generator that runs 6 P.M. to 6 A.M.
  • Cell phone connection available
  • Adventure sports arranged by Tajpur Retreat. Need book in advance
  • In low tide, the sea moves quite far away from the beach line
  • Few hotels available, some of them are Swapnapuri Hotel and Resort (4060-5152, 24635553), Hotel Tambim Inn(09831021244), Tajpur Nature Camp( 09831769790), Tajpur Retreat(09830271064)
  • Best time to visit is winter. But any time in the year should be enjoyable

  • View Tajpur in a larger map

2 thoughts on “Tajpur”

  1. “Tajpur Retreat”-A full-size scar on the face of Tourism of West Bengal. Tajpur is coming up rapid as a tourist destination in West Bengal near Digha, and “Tajpur Retreat” the disreputable lodge will surely contribute in walking backward from development of the place. The owner Mr. D. Ghosh (9830271064) is a big time fraud (Chitingbaj) doesn’t hesitate to trouble his guests with all sort of nuisances. And yes one must be ready to face the muscle power if he protests. Food is horrible and you could spot few cockroach and other insects in your platter at ease. Rooms are more than filthy (All snaps posted are fabricated). Staff behavior is like they are favoring the guests just by allowing them to stay. And to top everything Mr. D. Ghosh can easily ask you for a 50% higher rate than the agreed deal on everything at the time of check out, you deny you face the barbarism of his deployed muscle men. You’ve to pay before you check out. Tajpur is a good place But “TAJPUR RETREAT”!!!! No!!! Never!!! Do not ever visit TAJPUR RETREAT if you don’t want to have a horrible experience and an upsetting weekend.

  2. @Biplab I am not sure why you had had such horrible experience. We visited the place twice, also few of my friends stayed there. Neither me or my friends had any such feeling. And my opinion about Mr. D. Ghosh is quite different. But if you really have faced such situation then that’s really very unfortunate.

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